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You have a problem?
We fix it!

At MITS Informática we are specialists in the diagnosis and repair of computer equipment, printers, laptops…

With over 20 years in the industry, chances are we’ve seen your problem before.

We carry out all kinds of repairs on computer equipment in record time.

We have a specialized workshop that has the latest technologies to be able to receive any type of incident.

Our computer technicians will always advise you by offering you the most convenient solution for each case.

What can we do for your team?

Not sure if a component is failing? Don’t worry, our technicians will carry out an advanced Hardware test to check for possible failures in the system. Once the problem is located, we will make a tailor-made budget

Being connected to the internet leads to possible virus infections, sometimes they are visible because they generate advertising, or they open pages randomly. In other cases
Viruses are not shown to the user and can steal personal information, capture everything we type on the keyboard, even passwords!, without realizing it.
At MITS Informática we will check your computer to eliminate any virus, malware, Trojan horse, adware, keylogger, etc.

The constant updating of programs and new technologies force us to have the latest operating system installed for the proper functioning of our computer. If you don’t have the knowledge, don’t worry, our technicians will leave your PC ready for many more years!

The constant updating of software and operating systems requires hardware capable of processing information more quickly, at MITS Informática we will advise you on which components need to be updated so that the equipment runs at full speed and without interruptions.

One of the most common breakages in mobile devices is screen breakage, aware of this we have the necessary tools to replace your screen in record time.

When you buy a new computer, it usually comes with many unnecessary applications and the ones you need are not installed. At MITS Informática we carry out what we call a typical installation; This installation is accompanied by a set of basic software and configuration so that you can use your computer normally and without requiring anything else. Obviously if you need any special application, let us know and we will install it for you without any problem.

We know that your information is very important. That is why MITS Informática offers a powerful data recovery service at an unbeatable price and in record time.

If your computer equipment does not work correctly or you want to start from 0, our team of technicians will leave your computer as new.

On many occasions the client cannot bring the device to us, or the repair/installation must be done at the client’s home, no problem, call us and we will arrange a visit.

On many occasions the problem requires urgent technical action, which is why MITS Informática has a remote assistance system.

The use of the device makes its parts get dirty inside. By performing a hardware cleaning, what we achieve is to avoid overheating, speed up and keep the hardware of your device in good condition so that it lasts for many more years.

Apple device specialists

The apple teams are different from the teams of other brands. Its design, construction materials and technologies require special knowledge and tools to proceed with its repair. At MITS Informática we have the necessary tools and knowledge to carry out all kinds of repairs.

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