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Consulting and specialized advice for companies and freelancers

With the aim of achieving the best business management in the business of our clients, Mits Informática, Sl. offers a comprehensive and quality accounting / tax service, based on the optimization of business processes in order to comply with legal obligations in tax, accounting and commercial matters.

The know-how acquired during more than 45 years of experience, the continuous training processes and the use of computer tools, constantly updated, allow us to give value to accounting data based on the information and knowledge needs necessary for business management. . Both in compliance with the obligations with the Administration and in the business analysis necessary to improve the results and resources of our clients.

Our comprehensive service has as a priority objective the optimization of fiscal costs. For this we make strategic use of planning, advice and management always personalized to our client.

The main services offered are:

1. Fully personalized advisory and consultancy service in tax, accounting and tax matters.

2. Consulting prior to the creation of a new company on the most appropriate legal form, assessing the peculiarities of the business, the characteristics of the partners and the activity to be carried out. Comprehensive management in the constitution of the company, processing processes with Notaries, financial entities and Mercantile Registries.

  • Registration of the company before the Tax Agency
    Application for registration of tax identification code.
    Treasury Certificates

3. Declarations-settlements: study, preparation and presentation, annual, quarterly or monthly before the Administrations.

  • VAT, income tax (303, 115, 390, 180, 340…)
    Modules (309, 310, 311, 131…)
    Installment payments (130, 202)
    Income Statements.
    Operations with third parties (347)

4. Preparation of strategic plans, monitoring, planning and tax analysis:

  • Management and attention to requirements
    Postponements and installments
    Preparation of accounting for companies and freelancers
    Preparation and legalization of official books
    Preparation and presentation of annual accounts in the Mercantile Registry

5. Comprehensive service to our self-employed clients, receiving in our office a quality Business Outsourcing (legal, tax, labor and accounting advice) and economically adjusted to their needs.


With the aim of providing a solution to the great complexity involved in business management within the workplace Mits Informática, Sl. offers solutions through its comprehensive service in this area. Offering advice, labor audit, tax filing, preparation of payroll, contracts and other needs that may occur.

The main services offered are:

1. Payroll and Social Security contribution. Monthly preparation and updates derived from the constant legal news of remunerations.

  • Formalization of employment contracts and communication to the Public Employment Service.
    Preparation of employment contracts

2. Procedures derived from the obligations with the Administration. Presentation of monthly Social Security. Preparation and presentation of quarterly declarations of withholding income from personal and professional work on account of personal income tax as well as their annual summaries.

  • Personal income tax withholdings from workers and annual statement (models 111 and 190)
    Temporary disability benefits, maternity, retirement
    Affiliation High and Low

3. Summary of costs. Preparation and analysis of the breakdowns and cost lists of personal income tax, Social Security and the remuneration of each worker.

  • Sending monthly payroll and summaries for analysis.

4. Labor audit. Analysis of labor relations and restructuring of the same for a more efficient management.

5. Contracts, extensions and settlements. Analysis and study of the different contractual documents between the company and the workers, taking advantage of the Social Security bonuses.

  • Affiliation High and Low
    Temporary disability benefits, maternity, retirement

6. Labor inspections. Representation of our clients before the Administration before any labor requirement.

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