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Forget about your computer problems.
We solve them for you.

Our professional and qualified staff carry out tasks to keep your company’s computer system in perfect working condition so that you can stop worrying about technology.

We carry out preventive care in your computer equipment, servers and peripherals, we carry out Software and Hardware updates, check and status of hard drives, status of backup copies, etc.

Remote assistance is the latest in business IT management

Remote Assistance, as its name indicates, is that management that is done from a distance. It is a way to save, because by not having to travel, everything will be much cheaper and faster. Of course, it will be to resolve any type of incident related to the software; in the case of hardware it is impossible to do it remotely. Basically it is done through the Internet, with a direct connection between the worker who has the problem on his computer and the computer technician.

This can be done in two ways: indicating what must be done step by step and the technician will indicate it at all times, or with a remote desktop, that is, we give the technician virtual access to our computer so that so in front of us do all the necessary steps to repair the computer. It is as if he were in front of us, but he does it from his own office, although we may be viewing the screen to verify what he is doing. The main thing is immediacy, since the technician does not have to come personally, so in the end it has an impact on time and money, since the service will be much cheaper. This service is ideal for any company, whether large or small, since it means not having a worker on staff (with the expense that this entails) and only paying for when you have a breakdown; Or if we are more interested, we can also do it through the maintenance contract where we will have a fixed cost per month that will cover all incidents.

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