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Custom software

At MITS Informática we give life to your ideas and/or projects, we have a team with the capacity to develop any project that comes our way. We just need to know the needs of your project and the problems to be solved and our programmers will take care of making it a reality.


Software Adapted
100% to your company

Integration with online store

Your employees

Web Software
Without borders

How do we work at MITS Informática?

What do you need?

After knowing your needs, we carry out a personalized preliminary study to respond to the needs of the project.


Once we know the details of the project, we carry out a data collection.

We develop

Let’s do it! We develop the project and present it to the client to obtain a first feedback.

To work!

Finally, the project is delivered to the client and a class on operation and resolution of doubts is carried out.

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