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Do you need to recover deleted data or damaged devices?

If the data has been deleted or you do not have access to the device, not everything is lost, at MITS-Informática we offer you our data recovery service. Data recovery refers to the different IT processes that allow extracting, recomposing and accessing the information that had been lost.

The causes that can cause the loss of data can be very diverse, among them we find: human failures, physical failures and logical failures.

Human error

Physical Failures

Logic Failures

How long do computer media last?



Hard Drive

4-6 years


5-10 years

What should you do if you think you have lost your data?

When data loss occurs, the best thing to do is stay calm, acting on impulse is a mistake you cannot afford.

If you continue to use the device it is possible that your information will be overwritten, which would delete it permanently.

Handling a data storage device requires technological means and advanced knowledge, which only a specialized company could offer you. Tampering with the device could cost you time and money as well as significantly increase the chances of data loss.

The Internet is full of myths and lies that only favor a few, in a moment of tension, do not get carried away by methodologies and home remedies that will only reduce the chances of being able to recover your information.

Take the device to a trusted technical service, specialized technicians will be able to help you with maximum data recovery guarantees.

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